united we rise breakout session What would the response to HIV look like if led by Black people? Learn More
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United We Rise is an intersectional, Black-led collaborative that re-imagines a pathway to the end of the HIV epidemic, while uplifting the health of…

united we rise breakout session

Our Work

United We Rise has engaged Black communities to answer the question,
“What would the response to HIV look like if it was led by black people?”

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National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is February 7th. Learn about, participate in, and promote your local National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD) event.

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United We Rise Against Budget Cuts: Protecting Every Black Body

In the ongoing fight for equity and justice, it is crucial to recognize that budget cuts for vital HIV/AIDS services proposed in Congress, will have a deeply disproportionate impact on Black communities in the United States. These cuts not only exacerbate existing disparities, but also perpetuate systemic injustices. United We Rise, a Black-led collaborative dedicated to dismantling anti-Blackness and ensuring HIV equity, is calling upon every individual to stand against these harmful budget cuts that threaten the health and well-being of Black people, particularly those living with HIV…Read More

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The Black HIV Researchers’ Directory: Bridging Research & Action

At United We Rise, we’re always looking for ways to collaborate with organizations working for similar outcomes: ensuring that Black people have access to opportunities to be healthy and liberated. We call this intersectional solidarity, and it’s the backbone of how we’re activating a Black-led response to ending the HIV epidemic. We heard from our collaborators and conspirators that to optimize their impact even further, they needed a tool that cuts across silos, and specifically, connects them with researchers to undergird and support their work…Read More

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