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MISSION: United We Rise is an intersectional, Black-led collaborative that re-imagines a pathway to the end of the HIV epidemic, while uplifting the health of all Black people.

VISION: We envision a world where Every(Black)Body has access to the opportunities and resources essential to a healthy, joyful, and liberated life.

Through United We Rise, over 30 organizations are collaborating to engage diverse Black communities to address HIV in the United States.


EVERY(BLACK)BODY honors the history and diversity of the Black diaspora.

EVERY(BLACK)BODY embodies collective liberation from systems that do not value us and the internal struggles they engender.

EVERY(BLACK)BODY values the various ways individual experiences of Black people are both unique and intersected.

EVERY(BLACK)BODY is a coalition effort dedicated to the well-being of people living with HIV and to the improvement of the physical and mental health of all our communities.

United We Rise December 2021 Planning Committee Meeting

United We Rise Timeline

United We Rise timeline