2022 Highlights
  • April 21, 2023

United We Rise Year in Review: 2022

Looking back to move forward is how we ensure we’re making progress to end the HIV epidemic for Black people and their communities. With the launch of our 2022 Highlights Report [link to the webpage], we’re doing just that.

In the report, we share activities and learnings around four areas of work that illustrate United We Rise’s commitment to our work and mission, and exemplify what the response to HIV looks like when led by Black people:

  1. Storytelling & Sharing: Building Awareness & Engagement – Creating the spaces and sharing the stories, experiences, and perspectives of the multi-faceted ways in which we honor Black self-love and sexual agency.
  2. Collective Activation: Elevating & Collaborating within the Field and Beyond – Leading intersectional efforts with organizations across the US to end the HIV epidemic for Black communities.
  3. Networking: Partnering & Learning through Conversations and Action – Engaging like-minded organizations in decolonizing policy through conversation and action planning.
  4. Optimizing our Collaborative for Every(Black)Body: Aligning with Mission, Vision, & Goals – Building the processes, skills, and tools needed to be intentional and effective.

We’re excited to share all that we achieved in 2022 and hope that it inspires like-minded organizations to collaborate with us in 2023 and beyond to create a world where Every(Black)Body has access to the opportunities and resources essential to a healthy, joyful, and liberated life.
» Explore the report here.